Thread: Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
^ He's not actually making a hack. He's hacking. you know, learning, experimenting in areas others haven't really abused much. It's pretty cool and fun.
ANYWAYS, what I *really* came here with.
I tried bpr 08078C1C 2
and nothing ever came up.
But it's okay, I followed that post link, and read down on that thread a bit further where Knizz ( Reference ) posted the offset of the comparison. I looked up the point where r0 is loaded with the value.

08078bf8 4907 ldr r1, [$08078c18] (=$03005098)
08078bfa 1840 add r0, r0, r1
08078bfc 2300 mov r3, #0x0
08078bfe 5ec1 ldsh r1, [r0, r3]
08078c00 4806 ldr r0, [$08078c1c] (=$00000a8b)
08078c02 4281 cmp r1, r0
08078c04 dd05 ble $08078c12

And I was wondering, is the bpr not triggering because it's not ldr-ing a constant value? :\
I had the same problem, I think. I had to manually go to the offset and look for the part that loaded it. :\ I have no idea why, though. Sorry.

I use No$GBA to debug, though. Not VBA.

Anyway, if anyone wants the routine as is, PM me for it. I'm sure it can be optimized, but I don't have much free time to do so.
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