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    1. All forum-wide PokeCommunity Rules apply.
    2. Trade me a hacked pokemon and you and it will be blacklisted.
    3. Please check suspicious-looking Pokemon here before trading, I don't want to have to do it myself.
    4. Please handle trades on the thread first, then contact me via VM/PM. I find PMs get annoying when organising, as I sign in to multiple notifications and am forced to click back and for to reply individually
    5. Please be patient, courteous and fair in trading here. Rudeness will result in being ignored.
    6. I do use a Action Reply for certain things. eg/ IV/EV Checks and Cloning
    7. Please post All OT's, ID's, EV's/IV's and other basic info with your offer, as I will ask for them anyway
    8. Enjoy!


    Game : HeartGold
    Name : Nathan
    Trainer ID : 01100
    Friend Code : 0647 2404 1795

    (Mostly Free)

    Leveling Up
    IV/EV/Hack Checks
    Shiny Breeding / Egg Move Breeding
    All TMs/Items/Potions/Balls/Berries and Battle Items are also avaliable in any trade I do with you.

    AncientLorD86 - Loads of good trades
    Musica - Helped with trades and teaching me to RNG
    203Pikachu - Good trades and helped me with Cloning
    ~RNC~ - Awesome Trade Thread, always extremely helpful
    M kingkong M - Made all my Banners

    Alpha_Celebi - Took off with 5 of my events and a legendary

    Pending Trades

    Come to Migit's Collection and Breeding Shop for all your collection or breeding needs!

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