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Originally Posted by ZidaneTribal View Post
Two questions:

Is something plan with other language? It would be great if some other language (like german) are insinde

What did you do with the Legis? Are they Wild Pokemon or are they on some places?

Edit: Give it a list with the locations of the Pokmeon? With 493 Pokemon is it hard to find all in one Route.
Yes, I have thought about doing more languages​​, but English now just because if I have to do each multilanguage version would be very hard and lost time because I do it alone.
I just added some legendary events that are unique. There is no point you may have many species of the same legend.
Still not all the Pokemon, so now I could make a list.
Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Looks good from the screenshots, especially with the interaction events with the Starters & Castform! I also like what you've done with the Gym Leaders, reasonable levels and good teams, Just downloading it as im typing this so I'll give feedback ASAP
Thank you!

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