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FallenAngelSilver's RP is denied because the plot is too loose. Freeform RPs should have some guidelines set up, or they can easily die after a while from lack of creativity and story.

MoonstoneSkitty's RP is denied because the opening post's text is all jumbled together. It's very hard to read; you should use the ENTER key to make several paragraphs instead of one big wall of text. From what I could read with some effort, it seems like it could be accepted though. Please post it again, with proper formatting, and we'll see.

jackblaze's RP is denied. There already is a pokémon academy RP that hasn't even started yet, and they are pretty similar. And the plot for yours is pretty much non-existant. Unless an academy RP is very detailedly set up, it works the best if there is a background story to build on and having the academy as mostly a setting.

Ash_Ketchum123's RP thread is accepted. It looks awesome!