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    I found a shiny Charizard on my FireRed...loading screen. :D If you ever notice when you're SRing, the Charizard starts off black and shining before flashing and being replaced with a normal Charizard. Well, that's it for shiny encounters on my end.

    Originally Posted by Runasutaru View Post
    Well, considering I had Emerald and played it for ~90 hours before all my games prior to 4th gen (and the GBA) got stolen in an unfortunate accident, I didn't get to hatch more than ~5000 eggs, on that hunt.
    I'm really sorry about that. I hope you end up getting that KFC! (And MM with his shiny Chiko!) And still, 5000 eggs is a lot!

    Originally Posted by Landorus View Post
    Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been very busy~

    I have edited the first post will all needed information.

    Good luck on all hunts and congrats to all new shinies!
    Haha, that's okay. I'll hold down the fort for a while. *grabs power*

    Thanks for keeping the ShinyDex up to date - that's a lot of work, especially with all the new shinies people are getting. Unfortunately, I haven't given a contribution lately, but hopefully I will soon.

    Originally Posted by AyameHikaru View Post
    I would absolutely love to join this.

    I've found myself a grand total of four shinies, all RE.

    The first was in Silver. I found a Krabby, but I was so young (And hadn't lurked on the internet, LOL) I thought it was a glitch and killed it. XD Ah, youth.

    As if in punishment, the years of RSE taunted me with not a single wild shiny. But, when I finally got Pearl, in the cave you find the lost girl in I found a green Zubat! O.O It was in a double battle, so I was terrified. I used the weakest move I had on the other Pokemon... and it criticaled and the other Zubat fainted. Fortunately, my partner only used a weak move, so the shiny was left with 1 HP. I tossed a Quick Ball... and caught it. O.O I trained it up to a shiny Crobat, but later traded it for a Mattle Ho-oh and a Hadou Mew.

    Then one day after I restarted my Pearl, I was doing a scramble challenge. While trying to find a Shinx with Intimidate, I found a shiny Starly! This time I was much more savvy, so I traded it to the game that had all my Rare Candies to find out the IVs. I use that game for RNG breeding now.

    And last, last but not least, my crowning achievement. I was playing through White for the very first time. I entered Heaven Tower for the very first time. My first encounter was of course a Litwick... but... I blinked. I didn't see the sparkle, only the very tail end. I thought I'd imagined it. Since I'd never encountered a Litwick before, I didn't know if the flame was the right color or not. I yelled at my sister to boot up the laptop, and sure enough it was shiny. I caught it in the first ball I threw. I hadn't been planning to use Chandelure, but seeing that shiny made me reconsider. I now have an orange Chandelure on about 60.

    YAY shinies!
    Welcome to the Shiny Hunter's Club!! It's awesome to have more members who love shinies.

    That's an awesome story about Zubat - I would have been terrified! You got really lucky there, "lol."

    I probably know less than 10 B/W Pokemon, but Chandelure is one of them, and its shiny form looks incredible. I would love to have one of those!!

    Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
    Wow about time this club got an update, I will go on my Diamond later and find all the shinys I have, Currently I am just playing through both black and white and getting some good natured pokemon I always use the grass to level hoping to get a random shiny but so far nothing, As I have 2 dslite and the Pokemon DSI on my final DS I am sring for Giratina on platinum, As soon as I get to SR points I will be trying to get The new shiny tio of Visarion, Cobalion and the other one, aswell as a shiny victini.

    GL all and good to see the club back, will update with what I have later, I have 5 I think
    Welcome back to a returning member!

    Giratina is a great shiny - the blue gives it a really aesthetic contrast in the color scheme. Good luck! Have fun playing through B/W, too. *grumbles*

    I've been going after that new target in FR for the past couple of days. I usually do other stuff while shiny hunting, so I've been putting off the Mudkip hunt because I don't want to waste any time on Sapphire. I need to Mudkip-hunt only when I'm playing Pokemon and not doing anything else.

    By the way, what are everyone's opinions on the pluralization of "shiny?" I've seen it both ways, and it always puzzles me when I post. Any stories/reasons/arguments either way?
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