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I have added all new shinies and members to the first post. Welcome to all those new members, and good luck on all your hunts.

I made a banner for my signature with my shinies in it. Does anyone like it? Not like? :3 I would enjoy some criticism~

Also, I have decided what to start my next hunt on. Well, technically, I didn't. I found a random Pokemon generator, and I am going to do it until I get a Steel or Dragon type (that I can hunt in B/W) and hunt it for the circuit!

Let's see what I get:

Turtwig, Lickilicky, Trubbish, Abomasnow (Or as I like to call it, Obamasnow), Serperior, Palkia, Machoke, Tynamo, Bisharp.

I have determined my next hunt! It will be for a Shiny Pawniard! Wish me luck! I am going to MM it in White, and RE it in Black when I get it. I should get it tomorrow.

Here is the generator.
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