Thread: [Spoilers] BW027 - Electrified by Emonga!!
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    > Maniplative Emonga
    > Bel and Iris don't seem to get along...
    > Let's all run down a steep hill.
    > What is this bgm is sounds interesting.
    > WHOA that Emonga was just moving suggestively. o_O
    > Girly Cute vs Manly Cute.
    > Emonga gets fed up...
    > lol Chillarmy.
    > Mijumaru doesn't need to be Attracted...
    > I was not staring at Dent's ass while he ran. Why would you think that?
    > The apples Kibago is holding keep varying in size. Odd, because they are the same apples.
    > Oh, so it's a competition, Bel vs Iris.
    > And the men are left in the dust.
    > Angry Emonga!
    > DON'T GO INTO THE TALL GRASS YOU WILL BE ATTACK- owait anime=/=games. Imagine that.
    > I knew that was going to break.
    > Oh noes scary forest.
    > Wait. Wait. How are there so many wild Kokoromori? What...?
    > Antics... alerting more Kokoromori.
    > Oh no what is in that bush...
    > Setting the forest on fire is a great idea, Bel.
    > Oh. Pendraa. Thought so.
    > Pause. How did Ash and Dent get down there too? And catch up with Bel again? There is no way Dent would be so undignified as to slide down.
    > So every Kokoromori is male? How likely is that?
    > Oh, only about 2/3. Okay. WAIT WHAT IS DORYUUZU DOING
    > Oh. Guess he's male too.
    > Yeah! Godchu to the rescue!
    > Mijumaru wants to be the hero.
    > lol fail.
    > It's difficult to make flying Pokemon blast off.
    > Yay, happy ending.

    not enough Dent time
    I think I like Iris a bit more after this... boy, Bel was being a brat though! Goodness, I would hate to put up with her. I would have smacked her by 5 minutes in.
    Emonga seems to be picking up on Iris's personality a bit by the end. That could cause trouble.

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