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    Hack Of Fire Red


    A strange set of alliances exist in Orcen. The Government, with it's iron-handed grip on the military-industrial complex and The Citizens, those what are dragged innocently into Stunfisk vans at night.

    Such was your father, Ace, ten years ago.

    Just like history is often sub-divided into the relations between oppressed and the oppressor, so it here. An underground Solidarity movement is in the making, the bottlekeg is there, but it's missing that last spark to ignite it.

    In Orcen, you find the word "Jasmine", strange mystics, a mysterious factory, and enigmatic rocks that look tantalizingly like the Deathly Hallows.

    You, 15, wanted by the military for a misunderstanding, leave home on a quest to find your Father. A strange set of allies await you. Being dragged into the Solidarity movement, the entire Government "Brcrazyhood" slowly begins to unravel, but can you deal it it's death blow?

    Better phrased, can you raise a revolution?




    Unique Story Line
    New Region with North/South sub-regions.
    Custom Sprites
    Gen IV & V Pokemon
    Tons of Optional Side Quests
    New Antagonist Team
    Redesigned Pokédex
    More to come...


    The Team

    Ink. - Mapper, Spriter & Tiler, Banners
    adamb241 - Mapper, Scripter
    Silent Crest - Writer
    Complans - Scripter, Sprite Inserter



    Gen IV Sprites - TB Pro
    ROM Base - Christos/Peyi



    Banners Soon.

    We are currently looking for the following:

    Mapper x 1
    Scripter x 1
    Spriter x 1
    Title Screen Editor x1

    If you would like to join the project, either PM me or visit the team thread.


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