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Originally Posted by chaos56 View Post
Ok sorry, I left out one little detail...its in an Ultra Ball.
Its probably not legit.. Also, the egg event was in Johto, not Sinnoh.

Originally Posted by rstevenson1976 View Post
I read there's a dig tm on the desert road and a dream eater tm in the dream yard.
and a tm in the cold storage(can't remember which one). I've been all over the desert including the resort and all over the cold storage including team plasma's hiding place. where are those blasted tms? and how do I get the one in the dream yard, I accidentally evolved my munna too soon for a hypnosis/dream eater combo
Dig is indeed in the Desert on Route 4. Go on the road that leads toward the Desert Resort and enter the first house there. Talk to the people and you should get the TM. Dream Eater can be found after the main storyline is finished, and it is in the Dream Yard Underground. In the Cold Storage, you can find a TM (Scald) in the main area and after the main story you can find a sage there and he will give you Hone Claws. Hope that helps :D
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