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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
    With those levels, an X-version will be sort of useless. :3
    Are you going to edit people's lineups though? I found the original Johto Gym leaders had horrible lineups with bad movesets.
    Well i didnt plan on changing the lineups. Its part of GSC feeling ya know. Ive changed quite a few things already.

    Originally Posted by ipatix View Post
    Will the volume of the hacked songs be fixed in the next beta?

    Because the hacked songs' volume is much higher than the regular songs which doesn't sounds really good...

    PS: still something really diffreant: The romheader seems to be damaged.
    I had to paste in the original romheader at your hack to make the game work on the gpSP emulator...
    Yea i will auto level the music throughout all songs.

    Been really busy lately so haven't got much progress on LC. I'm still testing but i've got 8 badges now :)
    Also heres what to expect in the next version.

    * Updated maps - bigger, better, beautiful.
    * New music - over 10 new tracks added
    * New areas - things that were not in the original, surfing, caves etc
    * Playable up to the end of Valencia Island - no more than valencia yet
    * Bugs and Glitches fixed - tons, over 200 small things fixed so far!
    * New Legendary locations - yep, the last ones were far too easy and boring
    * Raised Pokemon levels - Harder, and more ranged out
    * Partial Compatibility with non-vba emulators - Things like Android, iPhone and PSP emulators!
    * And a ton more!

    So there you go just a small update for now.
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