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Not that I can remember much, but it was something about travelling about with some weird people with super powers and Tom and Miror B for some reason... and I was either fighting some great entity or a giant duck, I can’t really remember. Man, I have the strangest dreams at times...
Hahaha, good times, good times. I miss doing that group project, but it seemed many of us are busy with a lot of other stuff to continue it. D: However, was I wasn’t informed the Universal is going to be a duck? D<

Oh, and Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny would like a word with Wes for calling them weird. D:

“LAWNS ON FIRE!” the narrator continued. Wes then stared as he looked closer. Is that... Duncan’s lawn? Distant shouting from off-screen about how ‘people should stop filming his poor lawn’ confirmed that fact to him.
Poor Duncan’s lawn on fire again. XD

Again, great chapter there! Here's to hoping your chapter productivity will continue to go up!

“BUT YOU’RE KIDNAPPERRRRRSSSS!” the women explained. “AND KIDNAPPERS ARE BAD PEOPLE-ARRGH, WATER, MY ONE WEAKNESS!” she shouted suddenly as Folly irritably splashed some water at her, which unexplainably sent her running off.
So she’s a fire type? Then again, FIRES ARE SUPPOSE TO BE AWESOME! D:

Another nicely done chapter here. Tom really does love that show a lot, haha. It’s also quite funny that he was the one that found the data disk (and yes, I did see you pulled a Gamzee there in the code )

I feel sorry for Trudly and Folly in the next part, but I don’t think the “Mayor” is going fishing. At least it’s good they’ll cooperate with Sherles now.

The battle in the last part is really fun to read. Again, the personalities of the Pokemon are priceless. My favorites are Illumise and Volbeat because of them in love. Now you made them my Pokemon OTP. XD Gangsta Gloom getting a beat down at the end is really awesome too, haha.