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    Episode 24: The Blue Star

    [BGM: Relaxing Under the Stars

    "So, what exactly are we looking for in the forest?" Ash asked as Misty met the group inside a room in the inn later that evening.

    "And what is the mayor's daughter suffering from?" Dawn agreed.

    "She appears to be stricken by a flu-like malady accompanied by severe headache, according to the chief healer." Misty explained. "They have a potion almost ready, but they lack an herb popularly known as 'the blue star' that grows in the forest around here."

    "I think they mean a plumen plant--a type of mint known to thrive in cold places." Ash explained. "Milina Tonjine was my mentor at the lodge--she taught me a lot about herbs and other ingredients found in potions."

    "I have heard she is a fine herbalist, and her potions are as renowned as her spells and her wisdom." Misty replied. "Did she tell you anything more?"

    "Plumen is called 'the blue star' because of its blue tinged star-shaped leaves." Ash continued. "But it's actually the flower or fruit that you want--the flower has a very strong scent, so the oil is often used to flavor candy and desserts, in perfume, and to ease allergies. The fruit, meanwhile, is used to heal the flu and similar sicknesses."

    "Best consumed by themselves or in a potion of healing." Dawn added. "I too know a little about healing herbs...

    "It's settled, then!" Janine got up from her chair. "We search for this herb in the forest and bring it to the healers immediately!"

    "I appriciate your enthusiasm, Lady of Kaiji, but the Frosty Forest is named as such for a reason." Misty cautioned. "It is extremely cold, particularly at night."

    "The knight has a point." Ash agreed, gesturing to the darkening sky outside. "We would have better luck if we set out in the morning."

    "That's right...Marista once told me that those that ventured into the Frosty Forest at night rarely returned alive." Brock noted.

    "Oh, THAT'll help us sleep soundly, Mr. Spoony Bard." Misty sighed as she got up from the table.

    [BGM: A Heated Argument]

    "Who are YOU calling spoony?" Brock shot back as he jumped up from his chair and ran down the hall to catch up with Misty. "I have trained under some of the best minstrels in all Yoso, and you have the gall to call me spoony when you have seen my skill firsthand?"

    "Well, I will say this--you are far than spoony. In fact, you're way better than the minstrels at home in Mavi." Misty replied, calming Brock down a little. "Not only are they usually flat and way out of tune, they forget lyrics and stories on a regular basis. Hearing one as skilled as you was and is a treat in my eyes."

    [Cut BGM]

    "I'm glad you think so, but why did you call me spoony back there when you now say I am not?" Brock asked, confused.

    "You could say I am known for my wit--and I have gotten scolded for my droll sarcasm before." Misty replied. "It's a hard habit to break, so I may unleash a witty comment when I don't mean to."

    "There is a time and a place for wit, but please be careful with your words." Brock sighed, now in a slightly better mood.

    "Yes...words can sting as much as a blade." Dawn agreed.

    "Can we change the subject?" Ash interjected as the group entered their room. "Or discuss something a little more pleasant?"

    "Okay, then; Sir Mage...what would you like to talk about?" Misty asked as she stepped behind a screen to change for the night.

    "How were your comrades taken by eisfay?"

    [BGM: How Could This Happen?]

    Misty's face saddened as she emerged from behind the screen some moments later. "You know that eisfay are fairy-like bugs that live in cold places, yes?"

    "Yes--and they are strong enough to carry even a human to their nest." Ash replied.

    "Well, we were in the great forest that links Raben, Ourania, and Kesara together, searching for an herb to cure our master, who had been wounded while searching for a rogue Salamence." Misty explained as she sat down on her bed. "It had been two days since we began our search, and this particular day was looking to be no different. Just as we were about to return to our camp for the night, we were enveloped in the pale blue fog of a swarm of eisfay we had inadvertently disturbed."

    "Oh no..." Dawn swallowed hard.

    "Try as we might to fight off the swarm, I saw my three companions trying to ward off the eisfay through the fog--well, all I could see were the flashes of red, yellow, and green of their armor as they cast their spells."

    "So why didn't you help?" Brock wondered as he settled on a bed with his harp.

    "One, the fog the eisfay were creating was quite thick, so it was a miracle I could even see the aura energy in their armor, and two, there were just too many for even the four of us to battle." Misty replied as she brushed away a tear. "By the time the fog had cleared enough for me to see anything, the eisfay were gone, and my comrades with them. So to recap, there was nothing I could've done to save them, even though I wanted--and still want--to save them."

    "You have an admirable goal indeed." Dawn assured Misty. "But there is still the chance they have been lost..."

    "I acknowledge that may be true, but even if they have been killed, I will not rest until I either find them alive, or bring their bodies home for a proper burial." Misty mused as more tears began forming in her eyes.

    [BGM: Brock's Harp: Lament for a Grieving Knight]

    "Play a song of assurance for Lady Misty." Ash whispered to Brock as Misty began to softly cry. Brock nodded and began a hopeful melody, as if to tell the sobbing knight "It's okay...we will do anything in our power to help you, even if we must go to the ends of the world."

    To Be Continued...
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