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Originally Posted by Cypher DS View Post
Quick Question: is there a Happiness system in Pokemon Uranium, and is it worthwhile teaching 'Return' to a pokemon?
Originally Posted by Cypher DS View Post
You're correct, Demo 2.1 does end at the third gym.

I have a quick question for anyone who's played the 2.1 demo: have any of you noticed the background music playing too quickly on certain routes, or slowing down when you transition between rooms in a cavern? I'm referring specifically to
-Passage Cave
-Route 07, Tandor Sheets
-Nuclear Power Plant 01
-Third Gym Battle, Bealbeach City
Yes, there is a Happiness system in the game, and it isn't really a good idea to teach Return to a pokémon as soon as you obtain it, because your pokemon are mostly "not" happy at the begin of the game. Also, about the sound thing, it was a mistake I commited when made the HQS version, that doesn't happens in the low quality mid version and that will be fixed. Btw, the email you sent me is the most awesome piece of feedback I ever seen ^^. It was that great and that helpful. If you want any specific question about the demo or the future of the game etc answered, just send me a PM or a VM.
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