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Originally Posted by Runasutaru View Post
*Points* I don't plan to evolve my Pidgeotto, so don't count me on the dex for Pidgeot.
I count all evolutions by level whether or not you plan to evolve them, in case you ever chose to so I won't have to update again.

Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
Good luck to everyone on their hunts, and congratulations everyone who got their shinies!

Right now I'm hatching for shiny Sneasel, Treecko, and Staryu. I'm hunting the Staryu for my best friend, just because he loves Staryu :D
I'm hunting the Sneasel and Treecko because their coloring is beautiful :]

Oh, and Landorus, you made a mistake on the Pokédex. I think somebody else had the Ponyta and Rapidash; my shinies are Absol and Poochyena.

Edit: I just hatched a female shiny Treecko on the 25th egg! I didn't expect to get her so quickly! This made my night.
Congrats on the Treecko!
Originally Posted by lunemoon View Post
I'd like to join. I've only recently actualy started seeking out shiny's rather than hoping for a random encounter/non-MM egg hatch. I've been breeding for a Litwick in White but decided to take a break after losing count over how many eggs I had hatched with no luck, so now I'm hunting for a sentret in Black, since seeing that they were swarming reminded me of how I used to want a shiny furret.
Welcome kind sir o3o
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