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Originally Posted by Giratina ♀ View Post

Anyway, more entertaining episodes. >:3 Admittedly I don't have my own copy of this game just yet, but eventually when I find some money it'll be on the queue of things I want to do but shouldn't because it will cause me to get another plot bunny. xP
Be careful if you do buy one as apparently some had issues with even remembering the save file. =/ Glad you're still eenjoying it though!

Anyways, onwards we go! Oh, and sound stuff might not work becaus ripway is all 'lol exceeded daily download limit' but apparently 0 bytes were downloaded. ._. Anyone know of a better music file hosting site?

Part Six - Kelina Village!
Or talking to a lot of weird people and things who want bombs.


So, uh, last time we were told to go to this other town via the natural transportation system of GIANT TREE. I guess we go in...?

Well that was exciting. Wonder if they have any baseball there?

Different town, same music. This is pretty much consistent.

Yes, we gathered as much from the giant floating sign above our heads when we first entered.

Yep, I can see that too, given all the busy-ness around here.

Well, can it? My guess is yes - the crazy, and the crazier.

'There are two kinds of electric monster? There are two kinds of electric monster! There are two kinds of electric monster... ~There are two kinds or electric monster~

Natural? What makes one natural? ARE HALF OF YOU SECRETLY ROBOTS!? no Baseball monster, how disappointing.

More fight!

What lazy things they must be. 'Son, have you evolved yet?' 'I'll do it this afternoooonnnn...' 'Don't make me come upstairs!' But how do you evolve them?

So in other words, do what Team Rocket did? Uh... I'm going to leave now.



...okay. A guy who you never saw before likes some sort of gun, GOOD TO KNOW.

Yep - how else would you get entertainment without someone just walking out of any old tree?

What do you mean, I just use one just fine... unless you mean there's another one in which case that makes more sense. Nobody wants to visit MUSA. =(

...that was quick?

So you were lying? But what key and who or what is Alice aaaaaaaaa.

What are you even talking about the people here make even less sense and want to recreate Mewtwo again =( And you all look weird too.

Best house ever, guys. Let's try going down...

Well, I was only-


Oh hey, it's that annoying person! Standing next to TREASURE! However they do not notice Bek, or just ignore his shouts of Baseball.

But there's clearly one right behind you, gosh. Why does everyone block everything this town sucks. =(

Oh hey, wild owl monster things here. Maybe we can try-

=( Even with the type advantage he ran! Monsters sometimes do that at low health.

Story time! (After jumping).

SANARBA... great name.

ADULTS MUST PAY IN SOUL POWER. Also you surely mean 'here', not 'there'. =(

No Bek, they're not a Baseball team.

Wait... a pharmacy company discovered this word?

I knew it. This is all because of drugs.

Nothing much else of note is said besides Bek saying that he is confused. Can't blame the kid. He is promptly advised to 'try to get more friends'. Oh, burn.

Oh not you again.

Oh no!

...uh. That's Manstl, folks - got a problem? No worries - he recommends giving your friends BOMBS! That'll solve everything! Remember it.

These random calls steadily get worse as you'll see. =p

Oh, this sucks... let's go and look for someone else to talk too-



Yes, thank you, Not-Sandslash. Overkill is always a good way to get rid of it. (Type advantage, yo). But god it has rolls of fat and


See, the fat doubles as protection from attacks. =(

I bet you this guy heard about how we should give him a BOMB.

Yep, how about that. Should we give him a BOMB?

No, I think a CLAW TO THE FACE is better. =(

More interesting 'dex' entries.

The grass is now DIAMONDS. (No, really - running fast to cut grass can find you diamonds. They're worth more ball!)

Yeah, you do that. At least you're not a creeper or want bombs.

Yeah, so did I...whatever you are. Mini cyclone maybe?

Why are you asking meeeeeeee and obviously we can't enter because he's - wait, he's a Gumi isn't he. =( No wonder nobody can enter with that...thing in the way!

Speaking of the devil...

Search sounds... uh. Actually I want to pick the 'not talk to you' option. Heck even baseball is infinitely better!

'Hurr durr, losing is fun!'

...ok? Anyways when monsters call you they may ask you questions. How you answer may gain or lose 'FD' which is happiness I suppose. (Why FD is anyone's guess...FrienD?). Winning battles can also increase it. What it does is...uh...not clear.

Ok, so he's in charge I guess?

Oh no! Shock! Horror! Oh the despair!

...I thought you just said...nevermind.

Let's check the shop first.

...Something looks off about these items...

Let me shoa you my stabs.

For all your Grim Reaper needs! And considering how much money we have look how affordable this stuff is! Great stuff for kids.

Fun for the whole family!


Wait why are you calling me AGAIN

...I am not making this up - I looked at the bomb and then he calls me and decides to tell me ABOUT OTHER FIRENDS OF HIS THAT WANT A BOMB. GOOD GRIEF.



And then phone calls got even more creepy.

Oh god you also know. Stop trying to sweet-talk your way into getting a bomb!

No, pretending to be crazy or helpful ISN'T HELPING YOUR CAUSE.

Not-Sandslash pops up to warn us about our bomb-loving friends.

That'll do for this update - I'll try to keep each one to this sort of size more often so it's easier for me to make an update. The next one might be relatively soon!