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    "Ignore my previous question"
    Anyway here's another problem,
    In-game, my hero head walk below the house tile
    But after i set the background byte of the bottom part of the house " Block Is Covered By Hero " The tile i put the byte to will not appear in-game
    I will post here a few pics for better understanding of my situation.

    In Advance Map[ Sorry for some part blank, dont want to really show my other tiles at the moment ]:

    As you can see, i already changed the background byte to 00 20. But when in-game this part of the house tile will not appear in-game except that it will be the grass instead[ Do Not have the picture ].

    When in-game , the hero head still go below the house, this is the same for almost all the the tiles, the trees, signpost,lamps.
    But if i were to put "Block is covered by hero", the tile i put the byte to will not appear in-game except it will be replace by the grass tile[ Dont have the pic now, if want request it ].
    But the weird thing is that even when i try to test whats wrong, i remove the grass as the down for the house tile instead just use black background, still in-game, the part of the house tile still dont appear but instead of black tile to replace it, it is still the green grass which take its position