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Originally Posted by AncienTLorD86 View Post
im not found it, just RNG it...thats mine...
im still waiting a flawless ditto for 5th gen...:D
Ah fair enough, still awesome though
Yep, ill get it to you asap! (id give you an army of them, but really who wants an army of ditto)

Originally Posted by bloo14 View Post
Ready for the venipede sawk for dragonite trade?
Will be when I see you on next

Originally Posted by sCam View Post
Hey man, I really need a squirtle(IDC if shiny or not)
I can hook you up with a Timid Iv'd Elekid. I forgot the IV spread, but I know you can check it
Thats cool, ill set you up with a squirtle

Originally Posted by Basculin View Post
Politoad - Level 100
ID: 60503
IV: 31/26/31/31/11/31
Moveset: Waterfall, Earthquake, Brick Break, Hypnosis
EV: 249/255/4/0/0/2

What are you seeking? :O
Hmm, whatever you can offer

Originally Posted by JLocke1 View Post
What will u do for your shiny starly and shiny shinx
i can give 1 of 3 starters or victini (UNTOUCHED)
Grass Monkey! (simisage (i think thats its name)) otherwise Victini maybe (I will return it)

Originally Posted by Scraggy View Post
I am interster in the shiny EV'd Zangoose and Armarillo.
Could you CMT?
Pansage and Cryogonal? If you have them

Originally Posted by |iScout:O View Post
If possible, I would like 4 unhatched eggs, I can trade 2 or more (max 4)
legendaries for them, unhacked and most of them unused (I don't really enjoy legendaries :/)
If we can trade, I would like a rufflet, oshawott, tepig, and zorua.
If you don't like legendaries to trade for those, I can offer different pokemon.
Do you have a UT Zekrom?

Originally Posted by PokeTerra2011 View Post
I have a zorua with dark pulse and I can breed you a deino with dark pulse if either of those would suffice.
Either or will do

Originally Posted by Meri-tje View Post
Omg I love shiny bulbasaur <3
I just love bulbasaur in general but oh well...

I never cared much for ev'd iv'd pokémon
But if you have the time and don't bother doing it
I'd like a Modest Chinchou (Volt Absorb) with EV's in SpAtt and Defense
I want to use Lanturn as my ace in Soul Silver so it couldn't hurt if he's great
I don't have that much to give as I'm not into the whole EV/IV or shiny hunting
I do have baby bulbasaurs with solar beam and baby torchic with flamethrower
I can give you a shiny Bulbasaur and breed a modest Chinchou (shiny or non-shiny your choice) IV's will be decent but not brilliant. And sorry but im currently not EV training as im really busy and it takes me a while to do cause Im not majorly experienced at it

Originally Posted by Unknown# View Post
Would you take a TRU Regigigas (UT) for the VCG10 Eevee?
Yeah that'll be fine

Thanks everyone for the patience.
I have officially finished this 3000 word essay.
Yes, it was hell. It's now 1.30am so I'm going to bed
In the morning I'll add a pending trade list to my 1st post
And we will power out all these trade asap. I think there are like 15 now
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