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    Originally Posted by phosphate5 View Post
    No, my keyboard works fine. But the space/backspace/enter problem always happens for me... I wonder why.

    Also, a lot of times in dungeons my character suddenly shifts several tiles, and then I can't attack anyone until it shifts again, while they can attack an empty space that apparently is where I really am.

    But still, pretty cool. I'm confusedly stuck after Tiny Grotto, though, and the guides are all quite confusing. And I'm wondering if there's eventually a way to overcome the storage limit? Like making all the apples, etc. stack as one storage item when stored?
    That dungeon thing happens to me too; I believe it's because of server lag but I'm not sure. As for where to go, this game is a lot like the original Legend of Zelda when it comes to dungeon finding. Technically, you're supposed to go to Sour Root Cave for Cut, which is one space up and one to the right from Grassroot Town, but you can also go to Sunny Hillside and Seaside Cavern for training (which you'll probably need).
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