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    Just to exercise my brain and writing muscles I have decided to write a fanfic where Ash and Co. visits my home country of Singapore.

    I am using the cast of BW season in Pokemon.

    Basically Ash travels to an island nation known as Entepore. Odd things happen to Ash and Co. once they land on this island whose people speak Singlish and end with "lahs".etc

    Also laws that oppress Pokemon-related activities are abound in this island just as strict laws with big penalties exist in real world Singapore.

    However as the 3 part series goes on, Ash and his new friend discovers that there is more than meets the eye with laws that defied those used by the Pokemon Association.

    The Plot is still being concocted.

    I wonder if I am going to write this in 3rd person in the point of view of a minor Character who comes in contact with Ash. Or maybe from Ash's point of view.
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