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Originally Posted by 3dd13 View Post
what i sataed isnt that the games follow general midi, its that the system has to. a composer could make a trumpet in song a call bank x which plays a flute sound in it, while if it referd to bank y, it might play a sax. soundbanks are like soundfonts, just pointing to whatever samples the composer intended. and the trick to the old sounds would easily be explained by some sort of midi event or other coding. e.g. the slising bell sound at the start of the rival battle in black and white. it cant be a pitch bend event as its waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too smooth.
That's because it isn't. It's just the same insturment sample playing and progressively increasing in pitch with each individual short note that is played, for example, 1 note that is about 0.5 seconds plays atone, then the next note plays a tone or two higher and it keeps going, like stairs.
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