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Hey guys! It's Zephyr, your resident spriter, here to show you some fakemon that I've been working on behind the scenes! Most of them are revamps, but we'll start by introducing some new faces.

Raptorch and Archilles

Those of you who watch me on Deviantart might be familiar with these guys already. Raptorch and Archilles are the new fire starters, to be replacing Flager and Inflagetah. If you liked Flager better, rest assured! He's not gone from the game for good; you will be able to capture him in the next beta. These two have functionally the same stats as the Flager line: Very high speed, high attack, mid special attack, defense, and special defense, low HP.

Pahar, Palij, and Pajay

Same old Pokemon, brand new look! Pahar will be a familiar face for those of you who played the beta, and those of you who completed the Rochfale lab sidequest will note that Professor Bamb'o owns a Pajay. They are intelligent Pokemon and are frequently raised as pets. Palij and Pajay have specially shaped feathers that generate friction in the air, causing sparks to trail behind them as they fly. High special attack and speed, mid HP and special defense, low defense and attack.

Sponee, Smore, and Tricwe

More revamps! The elemental bugs are found on the early routes, and confound many with their typing (they are all pure Bug, and gain a type2 when they evolve in the mid-to-late 20's). Despite not having said types, they learn a number of elemental attacks that are good to bolster your team's type coverage. Somewhere in Tandor, there is said to be a nest wherein their Queen resides.


Evolves from Orchynx at level 28. Metalynx are vicious predators that use their tails to quickly kill prey. Their armor extends underneath their skin, making them all but impervious to physical attacks. Very high defense, high special defense and attack, mid HP, low special attack and speed.


Those of you who have played the game and done the sidequest at the nuclear power plant off of Bealbeach will have noticed some weirdly-colored Pokemon. These are Nuclear Pokemon. They gain Nuclear as a type2 (replacing their previous type2 if they had one). Nuclear isn't your average fan-made type; it's highly unstable, and therefore is weak to everything and also strong against everything. Nuclear Pokemon are vicious and mindless, attacking Pokemon and humans alike. When caught, they are disobedient. There is no known cure for the Nuclear contamination. As you might expect, they are very important to the plot.

And now, I have a question for you guys.

On the left is how Nuclear Pokemon presently look; black-and-green color schemes with blanked-out eyes. On the right is the new concept: mutated versions of Pokemon, possibly with extra limbs or eyes and a tweaked color scheme. So I'm wondering, which would you rather see?
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