Thread: Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
Hey, I tried that routine.
I think I did a nice job at understanding it.
You load a pointer to an array of those structures
Then, you load a pointer to the image and copy it.
Then you wait until the frame count for that image passes
Then you load the next and continue. { you store the fc and the current frame in that RAM_ADDRESS location thing. }
But one question, how do you know when to reset back to the first image?
{ I still haven't actually gotten this thing to work btw. I probably just need to start with a fresh ROM and go from there. }
Also, some other questions.
For that routine, does it use a tilemap? What about the graphics, should they be compressed, or decompressed?
NVM on the knowing when to restart. You just set the `next frame` value to 0.
I FEEL SILLY now. But the questions of tilemaps uncompressed/compressed still remains.
Although I have a feeling it's uncompressed with a tilemap...(GbaTek doesn't say swi 0xC uncompresses any data )
The routine I gave you doesn't load any tilemap, it just uses the one in the original titlescreen, so you can replace that one. All graphics are compressed.

EDIT: Also, I don't know where you got SWI 0xC from? The only SWI used is 0x12 (LZ77UnCompVram.)
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