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Originally Posted by Adventurer Finn View Post
I can donate a Simisage that you can breed for people if you'd like?

Originally Posted by Raith775 View Post
Hey migit! i got a bunch of different zekroms ill give you one of them for the reshiram you got if you can clone it back to me
No problem, id prefer UT if you have them
Also what ball is it caught it?

Originally Posted by Lifes-A-Beach View Post
Sorry, but I wont be able to trade for Reshiram until Tuesday... I just realized that I'm extremely busy tomorrow!

Apparently he has your Zekrom covered, are we still going to do the Reshiram deal?
Reshiram deal is still on.
Just remembered to add. Attempt to catch Zekrom in a Luxury Ball (black pokeball) Reshiram is in a preimer ball (white pokeball)
Yep, my life is that boring
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