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Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
Welcome back, Chr. Draco! Which methods are you trying for Eevee and Porygon?

Hunting Progress:

Nothing. It's getting towards the end of the month, so I'm just going to go on a hunting spree. I usually hunt while doing something else, but I should really start pure hunting.

I'm expressing my optimism with my lack of a banner. I haven't bothered adding Treecko or Venusaur yet, since I'll have to take it down soon anyways to add my next shiny, which should be coming soon!
I'm SRing them
And don't worry, you'll find some soon before the end of the month.

My shiny News: Recently got shiny porygon in platinum.
Brave nature and mischievous characteristic
lv 25 and according to serebii, it's IV's are 0/1/13//31/27/13
(I still can't believe the stats, so I'll find out when I lvl it to 100).

Good luck everyone on their hunts

Update: sorry for posting so fast again, after I got my shiny porygon, I went to hearthome city to SR for shiny eevee, and can't believe it appeared so fast, like 10-15 SRs. Again sorry for updating so fast.
eevee: serious nature, highly curious characteristic, IV's 7/12/2/30/12/12.
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