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    Originally Posted by Migit78 View Post

    No problem, id prefer UT if you have them
    Also what ball is it caught it?

    Reshiram deal is still on.
    Just remembered to add. Attempt to catch Zekrom in a Luxury Ball (black pokeball) Reshiram is in a preimer ball (white pokeball)
    Yep, my life is that boring
    Great! Thank you so much, please don't expect the Zekrom too soon though... It might take 3-4 weeks to get it because I train all my pokemon in my party (my main 5), which takes a long flippin time and I usually only get a chance to play on the weekends.

    Also, catching it with a luxury ball will be hard, but I WILL do it for you =)
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    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    If I may vouch for someone's trustworthiness, I believe Lifes-A-Beach is amazing. Please be patient with your fellow traders because some day, they may join our ranks, right?
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