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    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    I've played a little bit of the Beta, and I've seemed to hit a snag. I found Oak in the cave, and followed him to Bolderville, but after he entered the Trade building (thus after the guy offered me the egg), I went into the Trade Building, and notyhing happened. I roamed the town a bit, and, trying to leave to the south caused me to be stopped by that Youngster- whereas I could freely wander into the grass to the West of town. I encountered a Pokemon, having none of my own, and I fainted. Could this have been a problem on my part, or is there a slight problem with it?
    I have the same problem, only turning on the music didn't help. Sound is on and not muted and i still get the "you do not have enough points" message.

    EDIT: It's working now after i turned the sound setting to stereo.
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