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    This was on another forum but I'm going start one here:

    Okay, so it's a basic riddle thread. Some one makes a riddle, some one else answers it and we all have fun. Sounds nice?

    Guesser Rules:

    1. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. (Don't SPAM, FLAM or whatever else breaks the rules).

    2. One guess at a time.

    3. EVO rule is in effect (that means that if you guess the (pre-)evolution of the Pokemon from the riddle it will not be counted as correct, you must guess the actual Pokemon in question).

    4. If you get it right you get a point.

    5. I'll (try to) keep a tally of the score.

    6. Emphasis on TRY

    7. Anyone can join at anytime. (it just might get hard to catch up after a while )

    Riddle Writer's Rules:

    1. Regular rules go for you too.

    2. Only people who have already correctly guessed at least 5 riddles may post a riddle (this is to avoid bad riddles).

    3. PLEASE ONLY ONE RIDDLE AT A TIME!!!! If you violate this your riddle will become null and void.

    4. DO NOT BE VAGUE!!!! This just makes it frustrating for every one and it doesn't make you any smarter or everyone else really dumb. (To give an example of vagueness, if your riddle includes a clue that states it can learn a water, fire, ground and a poison type attack that's too vague).

    5. Don't be direct. Yeah I know, it's confusing when I say don't be vague then I say don't be direct but it's true when it comes to riddles. Making a riddle is about misleading people so, just don't be too blunt.

    6. After 7 incorrect guesses, you can post a hint if you want.

    7. After 12 incorrect guesses, you can post a second hint or say the answer.

    8. After 18 incorrect guesses, you can post a third hint or say the answer.

    9. After 22 incorrect guesses, you must say the answer.

    Everybody got that?

    Ok, current riddle:

    Spinning these things around and around.
    They hardly ever touch the ground.
    I may be a pain in your side.
    For I steal the greener side.

    Score board:
    starlightmint72 - 5
    darkpokeball - 1
    fireworks - 1
    FreakDude - 3
    Scarf - 1
    ビデオゲーム常用者 - 1
    Impo - 1
    poopnate - 1
    lionrt60 - 2
    smithtism - 1
    gunnerpow7 - 1
    Dratizard - 1
    The Slice of Cheese - 1
    miltankRancher - 1
    mineox100 - 1
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