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    This is a great hack... Ill write some more funny bugs in its system... but trust me, when I mention them. ITS NOT BECAUSE I THINK IT SUCKS.

    But after you speak to the Pokemon Breeder, and give him his pizza...and you go back up to ur home town. "The gramps is very mean" girl says "I have to take the winding trail in Viridian forest to go to pewter city"

    Anyways I've noticed Cubone doesn't conform to the traditional move chart i.e. it doesn't learn tailwhip... and it don't know moves for a while. What have you changed in cubone? Could u possibly tell me.

    Also I've noticed interesting move type changes such as Pound= fighting type. Also more exotic types introduced I.E. Wood, Wind... What are the new types in this game? And, what are their weaknesses/strengths?

    Thanks and again good job.