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@ProdigyX - I've got no set one. I just pick on that looks nice; it's in the default patterns, I believe.

General Update

Okay all, thanks to Kuroda-Taiki of deviantART, I now have a sprite for the rival of this game! I'd like you all to meet Flaire!

Flaire is daughter of the professor's assistant, and she's quite the character. She's very rude, and she considers all those around her trash. She doesn't care for much, or you, for that matter. The only thing that matters to her is her beloved Pokémon, Lavapho. As her name suggests, she is a fire-type enthusiast and she will pick the fire starter, Lavapho, regardless of what you pick. Flaire can be very shady at times, which tends to rouse many suspicions.

NOTE: Since I'm too lazy to upload the sprite itself to Photobucket, I'll update the main post later on.
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