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    Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
    Well as it were, Fire/Dark was the original plan for Emboar but after not being able to decide if it REALLY fitted it plus the problem of there being no real Dark moves for it (does it look like it can Crunch?) I chose to go for another typing.

    Fire/Fighting has been overdone to death on the starters and out of the remaining types, Ground was really the only one that worked (being a pig and all).

    While I do have to agree that Emboar isn't quite as useful as Samurott or Serperior, the addition of Sheer Force does still give it some huge power in the form of Flare Blitz, and the STAB (now level-up) Earthquake helps.

    As it is, Serperior and Samurott have some very late level up moves which make them incredible (I'll refrain from saying which for now, but you might be able to hazard a guess...) whereas Tepig gets a boost the whole way through thanks to Sheer Force.

    That's pretty much all I can explain. It does suck a bit but Emboar's hard to work with. Just keep it out of the way of Water moves and it is fine, though. I did kinda screw the starter triangle up, but Emboar comes in useful for the main game (particularly Elesa's gym) moreso than it did before... I think :x
    Well those are some good reasons I admit, though I don't see why Sucker Punch isn't seen as the equivilent of Crunch for the Teethly Challenged. I guess it just sucks for Emboar to get the poorest typing, but honestly Infernape made the Fire/Fighting typing near irrelevant in Gen IV so Zhu Bajie was kinda screwed in the long run. Oddly enough it would have been funny to see him as a Fire/Water since Zhu Bajie was noted for being extremely adept in the water compared to Sun Wukong (since Infernape and Emboar are both basically Journey to the West characters) But then it falls under the problem of **** Not Making Sense.

    Again, your reasons are sound and I can't really find fault in them minus the Sucker Punch instead of Crunch thing (Except that Sucker Punch has less PP, so I guess that counts as a fatal flaw, and other powerful Dark attacks are SPECIAL not Physical)
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