Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Originally Posted by thenickle09 View Post
This hack looks fantastic. The spriting, worksmanship, and skill involved to produce such a masterpiece is beyond me!

Looking forward to seeing more updates and when I decide to stop being lazy I will definitely download this hack.

Congrats and good luck :D
Thanks, mate.

I hope you a good time while playing :D

Originally Posted by emilin_rose View Post
I have the same problem, only turning on the music didn't help. Sound is on and not muted and i still get the "you do not have enough points" message.

EDIT: It's working now after i turned the sound setting to stereo.
That is both worrying and great to hear :D

I have no idea what is causing this glitch (As I've never experienced it), but thank you providing another (possible) fix :3

Originally Posted by bwb234 View Post
Where'd prof oak go? he went into the trade house and disappeared.
Its a glitch with tentative fixes. Read emlin_rose's post above or have a look at .txt file that came with the game :)
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