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    I had consecutive delays but now is update time! I put the english names, kind and pokédex entries. I put all kind in upper case, include the gen 4 pokémon.
    I fix the Happiny evolution, in the original txt this pokémon evolues with Nugget so I charge to Oval Stone.
    For some reason the Plusle have 30 of Battler Altitude in previous releases, I corrected in this version.
    The abilities.txt is also on pack.

    Originally Posted by zingzags View Post
    I was wondering, do you have an updated version of tm.txt?
    I have plans to make one even with gen4 TMs and Platinum and HgSs Tutors, but only for pokémon that learns they in game. Some TMs like Dragon Pulse only have gen4 pokémon, but some like Charge Beam had the gen5 ones.

    Originally Posted by tylerab01 View Post
    This is really useful, I wish you would do this in english for PSPds
    I have no plans for it.
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