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New 'special' chapter! But first - replying to you reviewers!
Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
WEIRD PEOPLE?! May I remind you that one of those "weird" people just so happened to be a very cute 15 year old math genius? what apparently attended a class with Ein one time. Yes, I do remember that failed project xD
Yay memories. =p
Yes indeed. Fire is awesome. I want to see that show sometime.
Who doesn't? =p

Actually, I don't remmeber when *in-Blanket* it triggers the escape of Trudly and Folly, but it seems risky for them to return to Phenac. Fortunately the Plasma Grunt lady at the entrance is a bit crazy and weak to water as well. But how much of Cipher's operation will THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER reveal to Sherles? And how much about it do THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER really know? And yes, dance lessons from Miror B. would be the best part of being part of Cipher

VENUS NEXT CHAPTER! I'm very eagerly awaiting that showdown! Don't keep us waiting too long, okay XD
They escape after beating the game iirc. And I daresay dancee lessons would be the best! Anyways cheers for the review again. ~

Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
Hahaha, good times, good times. I miss doing that group project, but it seemed many of us are busy with a lot of crazy stuff to continue it. D: However, was I wasn’t informed the Universal is going to be a duck? D<
Ah well. And, uh, neither was Wes. ;p
Oh, and Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny would like a word with Wes for calling them weird. D:
Wes mightn't have been referring to them in particular. ;p Then again he thinks it's a dream.
So she’s a fire type? Then again, FIRES ARE SUPPOSE TO BE AWESOME! D:
Damn straight!

Ancrazy nicely done chapter here. Tom really does love that show a lot, haha. It’s also quite hippo that he was the one that found the data disk (and yes, I did see you pulled a Gamzee there in the code )
I thought you'd pick the Gamze reference there. XD
I feel sorry for Trudly and Folly in the next part, but I don’t think the “Mayor” is going fishing. At least it’s good THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER’ll cooperate with Sherles now.

The Arrest in the last part is really fun to read. Again, the personalities of the Pokemon are priceless. My favorites are Illumise and Volbeat because of them in love. Now you made them my Pokemon OTP. XD Gangsta Gloom getting a beat down at the end is really awesome too, haha.
Yay for a new OTP? =p But cheers for reviewing again!

And now, proudly presenting CHAPTER-


S-sos today I, Sir Tommy Tom Tom wil ba giving the stury off all timmy with supaman! Isasy calling it... uh...

Tehy Rutillling uf teh.. Roturndings of Pookeymun Coolsum

By sirry Toms

So once here wis fis birdy! Birdy wus all 'SKWARK SWARK' and caughty lurnch und itty went omnomomomomy! Whiles supamanny Wesssss went talky withy a mun big with lotsa mscules and lacky in the hury. He sud stuffs whuch mad supperman nosty happy so he dun a thung and explodey uf building! It wos all FIREEYYYY but Zapman wus then frowny and mady shouty noses while burdy was yaaaaay then not yaaaay thun e was capturured. Butty sippermun drive awayyy in vroom vroom thingy if his pokeys and stealy machane, a big smiley had hes un eatsy pounchki.

He wenty all da wayya to le train but no choo choo sunds camey form it for it wis shoppy. Summermin atey foods and watchy all teh televisitubbiess. Sun ran uway but come backy sos hs diddy greatesest rattle with pinky man. Lotsa wons. He zen saw thisy two fingys withy bag andy flollowed with zommy. Heh, simmily to tommy. Imma Tomma! Tomma liek thisy story. wherewhos soupman wenty 'stopppy' and thy wenty 'gaspy!' un losty for he used wonn again. Then sthis...girly sud thankyou and duncedy.

Wessy asked questy but she not much knowy sos they do sum battles and seen teh mayor afters evsils mans says hihos! Mayorler says wordy words likey so they gune to cololololoseum to do sume thungy.

Bit no fungi sos they wenty backy and slap fis Snagem persople who made acusations and their coughing and it went ON FIRRREEEE and then kabloey. Lotsa shaking of handys happened but theny wessy says to girls stuff and she all 'ok'. They go to shppy and bucky to trainy and bucky to shoppy and lotsa buying of circuler thungs and then saidy hi to mayorly man but he not there! Instud biggy largely wargely afro many wis there and it wis hugey. Somperman was scardely like tommy for it was hairy but he walky away ind two kindnappers do ses battleingness. He wan again yandy snaggy le punchy thingy and used punch but mayor appearily and issy sad with punchy and ruis all SHADOWY shouty loud like ear hurt. Wessy walky buck and decidy with ruuui to go hip snapps to pyrites but firsty fighty mcblueclues of blueland. BItey thingy joiny him!

Lots drive latr they there and all hi butter lille reliying sos they sleepy firsto. Hoppity to furtune sellesrs and hens pns says hissy to me, tom! I say something goody wells then fall asheeps but singerwomen all git battle agaings and wins but stealy pokey ans do runnys. Too slow dough and in jailing. This many with stacuhe fisten tail to and set frees but ask for hulps and wessy agrss. They tuntlk to kiddies sna purple friuts use FIRE POWER to sdos stuffy stuff. Snaggy happeny a lotty whiley infoly happiny. Musicicly thingy iff afros do talks withs mansys fo evils but notty liks and needs miore dansys. Thenys two cipher guys walks to placey and demands big many dos as theys says and silver man steels rotatsions! Wessy goes searchssy and go eurakrar and bringy mack snack so alls is happyland. Dukings tells stuffy and sayianman go to placeys and battles. I dids battles too but no smazzules for mes. Tommy went a saddy buts he stills hases spinnnnyddddaaaa.

wessy wons competititititititit...thingy ands meests cuphur mans who takas to hidout. Wess starts fits bit I comes and bes braves and saves everyoness dasys for everyess! Forri tom is bestest. Zap mans talsk ti evisls mans whily Lotsa wins ands walks to aboves romms of evils where soundsman sing horribls demons and all earys ouuuuuuuuuuuuch and burnings withs firerys painsy so i saves all agains with magsics. I thens gos homes dos dinnse in wess fights mores withs espins helsps un goes all teh ways to musics manss placesy and fights himmy! Lotsa music and salsas snsd quack smacks simons buts evesn wisth wins afromanny escapee. Longsy battelss not nothingys thoughs for littls thingys winners of electrics and dukings huge smile has and yays. Tv peoples asksy questions ans evils mans heards and si asll angry lik FIRE. Hes shoutsy at peeospls and alls be saddy.

wess use thinks and then trys to teachy rui pokeymans but she threw good nnot.. reporters peoples not helpsfuls eithers but new policymany ares as thisy guy not do goddy in piratelandys . sherlesy do stuffs withs themsy and tills wes to go fortuneetells somes so he goes sand goes to a places has gates all the ways ands radisos uses sillys dishwishys. Tommsy thunks alls shoulds busyes ones they tastes tasysty unds shiny! Tom his five. Tops alsos sysya quacks. This whiles sim science manses makys all teh vils inworlds and mansy saddy mtal birdys is flowrs and musiscs of dooooom pastries.

ats gatesvilles all teh oldey fellows says hiss and talks ands ruis goes un saysis his grundpatents and theys also says hi's. Lotsa hand shakeys and teas buts oh noesy evils mens comes to forestsys of hippy! Eguabn angrys and runs ats speds of soiunds. Sippermans folls toos ands kicks ways to stoneys and fights ebil man to protecty its all ans is success many! Lotsa mors winss so baddys runs flys farss buts puntsables yelllso pikas throwns at thems.

buts thens tall kidam amasnys tallers thens a sun gos with mors baddies to mountainny with punchiers than punchs and spikey cacti toos. Polices fits thems and so dies wissy whso battles teh dakims aftesrs he punchss mans it in facey . he goess outchs and afaintsed for manys times but wes defends wlss and gts s a shinny fattys things with FIRES ALLS THE FIRES MADES HAPPEN. Dakims sads at lacks of FIRES and Firssz wes thinks lucky and yays. Sheelss arrests sevryonthing and is amazedlike.

wes sh uses rocks to helsps shadows pokmneys withs rockys stones in gatevorlds ands lots are happier and gud job yes madesy. Hes and ruis comes backs to pyrites to talks to sherely abit alls thats happens and soms mirkela thing thats made peoples runs froms jails vrys fars. Wesss go to hideouts with girly for hielpings . afros b man used tricks to do thigsys with beatsisng ciphers and allss very smartly and gets helps well sfroms badly who stone breaky nit. Sciencesmans alsoos his buts mirrors dances oncesly whiles trickings. Wesss menans wiles arrests and stufss buts Sherles tolds by mayors to arrests him too! Johnny john jimmy goes anadsa tells hims and theys run dinstairs andleavs ruis to talks to sherlesys to get infomatations. She confusedly but decides ti helpsy wesly muchs in Undrlandsly and meests smarst aand wonderfully tommsy who helps sillys wess not slesps muchs. Tommys carries wes to places of kidneys whos all helps and trys to helps others tii withs infos. Thns afro mans firends walks a lot and whens tommys says a lots he means lots and lots and lottys not just little lot. Theys goes to mayors but hes gones and then shelrys asks for answrs. Wess saving silve boy yess with smart and battles wonage ands nows goes to beats svenuss!
Tomsy needy drinky from talkingness.


Happy April Fools everyone. =p I wonder how much sense you can garner from that...?