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    Originally Posted by KittLee View Post
    Hey umm Akiyuki Aretukasu im a HUGE shugo chara fan and i was kinda wondering if you could make me an egg PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ just to give you a little insperation: im a girl I love music and danceing and swiming and jokes i laugh alot at like almost everything hippo i love to draw im laid back when i comes to grades im a good student i do swim team and hopefully im going to join the lacrosse team im a night owl which means im a night person i LOVE stars i think there so interesting and so beutiful i love greek myths and i like to read Im shy around new people and dont talk much out side of school and im not very good at making freinds in side school im hippo im kinda mean when the guys in my class do something mean or say mango instead of manga THAT SOO GETS ON MY NERVES im a sweet person at heart and i try to be nice but my anger justt takes control when some one does somthing mean what i truly am is a shy sweet nervous daring artsy brave girl what is afraid of spiders and falling
    I probably won't get around to doing it anytime soon, but do you want 3D eggs or 2D pixel eggs? Also, are there any specific colors or shapes/patterns you would like on your eggs? The more info you supply me with, the faster I'll get them done. In the meantime, I still have to work on about 6 more OC drawings for school. After that, I still have about 2 or 3 crazy requests to work on.

    UPDATE: I attempted to redesign one of my old OCs.

    Click here to see the old (original) design.

    I also created a new male base and a Dunsparce papercraft.

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