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    Originally Posted by PaulUrchin View Post
    hmm maybe I could mess about with the files if the first one works?

    I'm thinking it just crashes cuz there ain't a debug.txt file, but I could (and probably am) wrong.
    Thing is, there IS a debug.txt in the folder, but for some reason, encrypting the data messes it all up. I'm going to try and see if I can do something about it.

    Originally Posted by Onmi View Post
    Okay so I open up 1.3.1, get my first pokemon, head out to battle and fight a wild Fakemon, no problems so far. Fight a Pidgey and the game crashes.

    Going to reboot and see if turning off Battle animations helps

    EDIT: And I'm fairly sure I took damage in the first battle.

    Error the Second, related to this PC only. the game doesn't save. I mean it does save and displays the save message but exiting and entering doesn't change the fact there is no save file.

    I originally thought it was because of the crash, and Switched it off after getting the starter, but it didn't take. However on my netbook (where the former error occurs, but not the latter. However it's slow as ****) it saves fine.
    As I thought, there're incompatibility errors depending on what you're using. I'm trying to get this fixed. Try version 1.0 and see if the same happens, since it was the one that reported the least incompatibility. Thanks for reporting in.