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    Thanks, the map helps a lot

    I still have several problems though, and I can't find any answers in the guides in the PMU forums.

    Firstly, I'm confused by the day/night system in the game, because sunrise happened yesterday around 4pm for me. (?)

    Secondly, I finally found the place where you get jobs, but it kept saying there weren't any jobs left. So... are there always only a few jobs a day, and everyone's fighting for them, or what?

    Thirdly, I see that the way to evolve many non-levelup-evolution Pokemon involves getting really lucky and getting a really rare item from a boss (i.e. link cable) or, as one guide on the PMU site says, from places ("Friendship forest" for sun ribbon, etc.) that don't seem to be on the map. Could you give an explanation for this?

    And is there a way to get other starters in the same file? (Is there a trade system, preferably usable between your own files?)
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