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Golden Tribe
Name: Eternal Flame
Title: Shadow Flame
Age: (14+) 14
Gender: Male
Eternal Flame is a shiny Charizard, he also has many scars from being in battles. His flame is extremely large and can KO Pokemon by just hitting them with his tail.He has a golden helm on his head for the Golden Tribe.
Personality: Eternal Flame is the kind of person that Charizards usually are. He is loyal to his friends, and will risk his life for them. He makes Rash decisions due to his hard childhood, his way of thinking is "Think fast or Die"
Bio: Eternal Flame has had a very hard life, he was abandoned at his time of hatching. His shiny status scared his parents they assumed there was something wrong with him. They left him out in the rain thinking it was an humane way of killing him. With his strong will to live his flame would not go out, he was nearly dead, but not yet. Rattata and Raticate swarmed him, he fought them off with razor sharp claws. With every bite or scratch his flame burnt hotter and larger. After a while he was covered in permanent scars and his flame was burning amazingly hot. When the sun came out he evolved to a Charmeleon.

He traveled far to find a home, he evantually found the Golden Tribe. But he was rejected because he wasn't evolved, despite being as strong as a Charizard. He trained for days and days. Eventually the order of the Neoverse attacked. He defended the Alpha Alliance despite not being a member of the Golden Tribe. He evolved after he saw the leader of the Golden Tribe get killed. He killed many of the attackers and survived, but he gained even more horrible scars. He was then omitted into the Golden tribe and given his golden helm.
Pokemon Species: Charizard
Move set: (4 max) Flame Thrower, Echoed Voice, Counter, Beat Up


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