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Hey there, guys!

I must say, I am quite proud of the support that this game has gotten! You all have given me the inspiration back I once lost! In return, I hope to make a promising, and very exciting game! The starter Fakémon are, still, in the process of being sprited; however, I've kept you all in the shadows enough! I'll reveal them on the next major update, I promise.

Now, here is a small list of things I HAVE completed.

  • All old maps have been redone.
  • The tileset has been improved/highly modified.
  • New maps have been created/worked on.
  • The rival has been mostly completed. (The sprite, mug plus the sequence, and the music have all been done. All that's left is the overworld.)

Now, here's a list of things to come.

  • Custom Battle System ( I've been playing with mock-ups for a while; none seem to please me. And no, I'm not going with the Black/White battle system.)
  • Unique Gyms and Gym Leaders ( Gym Leaders, for the most part, will stay in their Gyms. There are some where you may need to travel around to look for them. You will be rewarded for seeking them out, so, it won't be a waste.)
  • Elite Four ( There is no room for the Elite Four anymore. These members are spread far and wide throughout the region. You must look for clues from the citizens and take in their type affinity. Some members are obvious, and will be in obvious locations. Others, not so much.)
  • Fakémon Sprites
I'd like to thank you all for staying with me on this! Keep those Fakémon suggestions comin' I could use some inspiration.
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