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    Alpha Alliance
    Name: Neptune
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: An Empoleon with a longer trident-horn on his head.
    Personality: Neptune is very sociable, and has a lot of friend to talk to. He has the power to join the Gold Tribe, but he doesn't want to. He's afraid that if he joins, he won't be able to see his friends that often, and he doesn't want that to happen. In his 'friend circle', he's the leader, and he leads well. He is rather popular in the Alpha Alliance, but he has one fatal flaw. He can't tell if someone's lying or not, and that can be really bad...

    Bio: His parents are pretty rich and arrogant, but Neptune's never affected by his parents. Eventually he left his family, and he's living in a small house right now, alone. Two years ago, a 'friend' of his tricked him into stealing for him. As a result, Neptune was punished severely, and people had a bad impression on him. When he was just a Piplup, his elementary classmates bullied him, so he was the laughing stock in the whole school. But everything changed when he evolved, his new power made people concider before teasing him. But the evolution didn't make him greedy or arrogant, he uses the power to do good deeds, example? Saving the Alpha Alliance.

    Pokemon Species: Empoleon
    Move set: (4 max) Hydro Pump (turning into Hydro Cannon sometime soon), Drill Peck, Metal Claw, Ice Beam


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