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    Hey so I'm picking up Moémon, and I'm gonna try to make a full ROM hack out of it. I'm updating the dex entries, cries, any sprites that need to be redone, script, title screen.
    Any advice that can be given would be greatly appreciated!
    (Hack of Pokémon Leaf Green)

    In the world of Moémon there has been an accident at an animation studio. While they working on a television show based on the Pokémon of the world, something happened that caused the chibitized-anthropomorphized versions of Pokémon. They called themselves Moémon. Whatever happened in the studio spread like a virus, and soon the Moémon spread throughout the world. Not much was known about the virus, except it caused rampant growth in Pokémon. . .

    That's about all of the concept that I have come up with thus far.
    So again, any help in any aspect of ROM hacking would be greatly appreciated!