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Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
OKay, I admit, I don't get half of what Tommy said. XD However, I picked up a couple things here and there and realized he's retelling what happened so far in the story. He could have been less drunk, though, LOL.
Tom being 'less drunk' is a rare event. ;p
Yeah Tommy boy, lay off the Spindas. @_@
But Tom likes his Spinda. =(
This one I get too and haha, gotta love the Pikachus.
Unless someone throws one at you I suppose? XD
So kindeys are beings with feelings too? Nice.
...Yes, yes they are.
Yeah, not much to say but that I think you better hide that drink before he comes get it.
too late
Cheers for the review of confused thoughts on Tom's ramblings! Anyone else want to offer their...uh, interpretation? =p