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I've decided to start without the last person. However, other people can join after this starts. We'll begin right now.

The RP opens in Eternity City. Eternity City is one of largest cities of the Alpha Alliance, and is on the border between Alpha Alliance and Order of Neoverse-controlled territory. It is populated by over thousands of Alpha Alliance citizens, and is protected by the local armies of the Alpha Alliance. However, recently, reports have been coming in that the city might soon try to be attacked by the Order of Neoverse. Kent Reed, also known as the "Kaiser", has come to the town in search of potential new members of the Gold Tribe, as well as to rally the local Alpha Alliance troops if there indeed will be an attack. With that, the RP begins! (Note that you don't have to begin in this city, but it would be preferable if you began somewhere closeby )

Kent Reed walked down the busy streets of Eternity City, one of the strongholds of the Alpha Alliance. He had visited this city a lot while growing up, while his father, once known as the "Champion", was the leader. It hadn't changed much, other than the constant patrols of the military across the borders of the city. Kent knew that if he was going to find strong Pokemon anywhere, it would be here.

Kent walked into a large building, where he was supposed to meet a few other members of the Gold Tribe and begin searching for potential new recruits. He saw a large Snorlax waiting inside. He recognized the Snorlax as Manchu, one of the Generals of the Alpha Alliance. Manchu waved him over.

"Hello Kaiser, great to see you here!"

"Likewise General Manchu. Have the others arrived yet?"

"Not yet, but they should be arriving sometime today."

Kent looked over the others inside the room. They were whispering to each other and pointing at him. Most were young soldiers. He didn't find it that strange. Most of them have never seen a member of the Gold Tribe, so they must be quite startled. Kent waited patiently for what remained of the Gold Tribe to arrive in the busy streets of Eternity City. But there was much more going on than this simple gathering here.

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