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I know this is late and such, but some other move changes were...

Beedrill with Drill Liner
Butterfree with Power Gem

Bone Club and Bonemerang on Vullaby's line

Baton Pass on Yanmega

Psycho Boost on Alakazam

Roar of Time on Celebi

Dragon Tail on Minccino

Tail Slap on

Extrasensory added to

Type Changes-
Glalie Ice/Rock (or Ice/Dark)
Zebstrika Electric/Dark and give it some level up dark moves, and slightly better stats.
Normal Darmanitan Fire/Fighting (to compliment Zen Mode)
Cohagrigus Ghost/Rock (or Ghost/Ground, but Golett's got that)
Luxray Electric/Dark

Give Ursaring Reckless as an Ability and these moves via level up
Wood Hammer
Head Smash

Shell Smash and Razor Shell on
Torterra (via Breeding)
Crawdaunt (Replacing Dragon Dance)

Flare Blitz on Flareon...duh...

and evolution ideas

Scyther and Onix-Level up holding either Metal Coat or Iron Gem
Poliwhirl-Level up with King's Rock or Water Gem
Porygon(2)-Level up holding Up-Grade (and Dubious Disc), or Level up knowing Conversion (2), and add those moves later to the movesets (27 and 60 each).
Slowpoke-Level up with King's Rock or Mind Gem

Ampharos should learn tail glow via level up.

and that's all I can think of atm, but of course the second i finish posting, I will think of more.
Hey guys, I just bought Pokemon Red and Blue Versions (the new games that came out last week) and what the freak is up with the new Pokemon? A rock with arms? A magnet that evolves into three magnets? A bird that grows a head when it evolves? A pile of sludge? A literal Pokeball with a face? What is Jynx supposed to be? And really GameFreak, a mime? Is that the best you can do? I remember when the Pokemon looked good in first gen Black and White. These suck! Bring back the old ones.
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