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Originally Posted by Ken638 View Post
Oh lol, this game is awesome :°D

...Yes, it is. =p

And as nobody else posted (the more the merrier people ;p), I'll get onto the next part! And a word of warning - from here on in the swearing in the game starts gradually...and then very quickly sticks to it a few parts down the track. (!)

Part Seven - Search for a Thief!
Or a lot of talking to someone and trying to find [Key]!


So, last off we were being warned by Not-Sandslash... you could say that our bomb-loving 'friends' are rather, well-

Yes, well put, whoever is behind that floating text box.

Oh, it's another of...those things. Guess we ought to talk to it.

Bek sure does have a way with words.

Not the key! But I guess that's what was being talked about beforehand!
Gotta like that it's not clear who's asking 'who did so'.

...The prisoner stole the key? What prisoner?

Basically sums it up!

That's...real deep, man.

Yeah, you tell him, Bek!

Gosh, that's pretty pathetic of you.

See, even Bek jumps at the patheticness. Deal with your own problems!

Wait what.

God damn it Bek.

I mean... Well done, Bek!

But then again given how weird people are here... with our luck he'll just give us a bomb.

Guess we ought to go find our thief. Bek, who do you think stole-

Well ok.

But Bek that is a monster I doubt he even has pockets for a key.

See, no pockets!

Unfortunately SUKORI didn't quite think it had been a peaceful accusation.

Gotta like veiled threats!

Clearly SUKORI knows which is the bigger threat here - the oversized ugly Jabba the Hut.

Uh, I don't think it's a good idea to bite...that thing...

Well damn.

Nor it seems about what to bite or not. Clearly not our thief then because...well, he said so.

And then he disappears into thin air. I guess one can assume he died of food poisoning.

Oh look, that annoying person showed up! I just hope by 'leave it to me' she isn't going to try and eat GUMI too. =(

If you were referring to GUMI then we are also wondering the same thing.

Clearly Bek is none too pleased.

Quick, Bek, think up an excuse!

Well done, Bek.

Yes! Going to other worlds promotes you to the rank of 'ordinary!'

Uh...well, you see...

Well put, Bek. He's 'missing', all right.

I like how the game calls the thief 'prisoner' despite the fact on only becomes a prisoner when, you know, they're caught, not before. Unless we're talking about some poor confused curry worker who escaped and tried to use the key to get the hell away from this place... say Miyor, how do we get back?

Fat load of help you are. =( And yes, we said the same thing when he bit GUMI.

"You know the type - someone who has a moustache, evil laugh, a key and dislikes baseball, for instance. That's always suspicious!"

Ah yes, so there is.

Is that so! It's nice when Miyor is actually being helpful.

'something happened', how specific.

After being thanked by Bek for being of big help:

Oh snap again! Implying Bek is not a good pal here, and then telling him to move.

And jumping for extra measure! =o


The left option really does make sense - we've no idea what he is talking about! Hurrah for random phone quizzes.

I... guess? And what is this Resu option?

Hurrah? Uh, let's just talk to that guard.

This is sounding rather like a religious cult...

...Are you ok?

To place emphasis on his not-okayness he jumps... and then this tune starts up!

Just in case the following screenshot didn't give it away, you know.

I like how he said 'shut up' when Bek has really said nothing to him. That and his choice word there.

And he continues to ramble to himself.

Ooh, and now Bek is the 'damned guy'... and he still wants to shut him up.

Ways in advance?


I hate all of you GUMIS. =(

Normally that level would be of a worry, but given it's a 2-on-1 battle in our favour...

...and we have Not-Sandslash...

...who has a type advantage...

It's a fun one-sided battle lasting one turn. \o/

Maybe, but you didn't, so.


Curses, he escaped under the veil of the text screen again! And look, a phone call! It's from Sungki as usual.

KAKUZATO had done sth. !?!? Oh dear!

Uh, firstly you're talking to Bek, Sungki, so you can refer to him directly. And do you mean 'where Bek is' or 'lived'? I'm inclined to think the former, but well, it's telefang! English good not!

And having entered the cave, we'll end this here! Battles and random phone calls await in the next update!