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    Chapter 4:

    Mane stood in the battlefield holding a pokeball. Things are getting interesting, he said. Youve just taken out Zapdos, one of my favourite pokemon. Now Im going to give you a surprise for your effort.

    Black Jack and the others were observing the match as spectators, desperately hoping that John would win this match. Jesse, James and Meowth were also watching the match but from somewhere else in the stadium.

    A Zapdos knocked out by a Tyranitar? Meowth exclaimed. Anuder pokemon dat we can catch!
    I can imagine the boss giving us more than just a raise! James said happily.
    Not now James! Jesse complained. Lets just see what that Mane guy has in store.

    Go! Pokeball! Mane cried as he tossed out another pokeball. This time it was Mewtwo!!

    Shock expressions came onto the faces of Misty, Brock, Ash and Black Jack. How can a pokemon trainer catch Mewtwo!?
    Huh? May asked. I never seen or heard of that pokemon before.

    Realising that the others have seen the genetic pokemon on the field, Black Jack had to give some information about him. That pokemons name is Mewtwo. One of the most rarest and one of the most powerful pokemon.
    What? Ash asked in a surprised tone. You know him?
    Yeah we met on a couple of occasions and battling him wasnt pleasant but I liked it. And judging by your tone, you seem to know him as well.
    Yeah, we met him at one time when he was in trouble and

    Black Jack stopped him by raising his hand as he noticed another microchip. This time it was on the back of Mewtwos neck.

    I knew it! Black Jack snarled angrily. It IS the microchip! Mane mustve used some annoying gadgets to not only to capture them but to control them as well!
    Wait a minute! Ash said. If Mane captured Mewtwo, what happened to the other pokemon?
    He mustve captured them too, Black Jack replied. Lets concentrate on the match. John needs all the help he can get.

    Everyone agreed as they watched the match again with high hopes for John.

    Team Rocket also saw with their mouths wide open. I cant believe it! Meowth cried. Dat guys either used some special gadget, or hes got some other method of catching and using pokemon!
    The boss would give us a big promotion if we get that thing! James said excitedly.
    Not only that! Jesse continued. Hed give us a big raise, a paid holiday, a very big house
    Dis could go on forever Meowth mumbled.
    Suddenly, Wobbuffet appeared again. Wobbuffet!

    Mewtwo! Mane cried. Hyper Beam attack!

    Mewtwo raised his hand and shot out a huge beam of light at Tyranitar, who barely dodged the attack.

    That was close! John commented. Tyranitar! Tackle attack!
    Mewtwo! Barrier! Mane commanded.

    Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo to take him down, but Mewtwos eyes glowed as he stood. John and Tyranitar thought that they got him, but to their surprise, Tyranitar bounced away from Mewtwo. The barrier that Mewtwo used must be invisible! Black Jack thought.

    Gotta use a long range attack! John said in frustration. Tyranitar! Hyper Beam attack!

    Tyranitar leaned backwards as he breathed in. Mane and Mewtwo just stood where they were. Whats the matter, Mane? John taunted. Scared?
    Well, this is hardly a horror movie, Mane replied.

    Tyranitar shot out a huge hyper beam of his own. Mewtwo! Mirror Coat attack! Mane yelled.

    Mewtwo raised his arm as his eyes glowed again. The beam bounced right off his hand and it hit Tyranitar instead in the gut, knocking him out!

    After seeing that knockout, John had disbelief on his face. No he whispered NO!
    I told you that you shouldve save the best for last, didnt I Johnny? Mane taunted.
    Tyranitar is only one of my best, John replied, getting back his determination. Magmar! Go!

    Magmar popped out of his pokeball. Magmar

    Magmar! John shouted. Flamethrower attack!

    Magmar spat out a huge flame out of his mouth, aiming for Mewtwo. Mewtwo easily dodged out of the way, making the flame going for Mane.

    Thats it! John cried. Scorch him good!

    John mustve wanted Magmar to hurt Mane instead of Mewtwo! Ash said.
    I bet you would do the same if Mane hurt your family as well, Black Jack replied.

    Mane stood calm as the flame was reaching for him. But all of the sudden, Mewtwo stopped the attack with his psychic powers. He formed the flame into a ball and tossed it back at Magmar, causing an explosion on impact.

    Magmar fell to the floor, heavily damaged. He slowly picked himself. Magmar! John cried. Are you alright?

    Magmar nodded in response, as he knew what was on the line.

    Alright then! John said. Magmar! Fire punch attack!

    Magmar quickly ran at Mewtwo as fireballs appeared on his fist. What a bore! Mane commented. Mewtwo! Psychic attack! he ordered as he snapped his fingers.

    Mewtwos eyes glowed again as he stopped Magmar in his tracks. Magmar was lifted into the air; he was then slammed down on the ground numerous times. Now Mewtwo! Mane commanded. Mega Punch attack!

    Mewtwo, still using his psychic powers he brought Magmar close to him and he punched him in the gut sending him flying, unconscious.

    Someone tell me I didnt see that! Brock said.
    That Magmar Misty said, feeling sorry for it.
    Things are looking really bad now, Cecilia said.

    Five of my pokemon gone John said after calling back Magmar. Rattata, youre my only hope now.

    John sent out his Rattata. The pokemon stood his ground, waiting to receive orders.

    A Rattata? Mane replied with a smirk. Its your last pokemon and its a Rattata? Well, I guess the truth is that you spend more time with your products than you spend time training. Guess you didnt see this battle coming, didnt you? Mewtwo return!
    Huh? Why are you returning your Mewtwo?
    I just felt theres one more surprise I need to show you and our dearly beloved audience.

    Great, thought Black Jack in a down tone. Whats next?

    Go! Pokeball! Mane cried as he threw out another pokeball, containing a Rayquaza!

    Shock expressions came on to everyones faces again. Only Black Jack snarled in frustration.

    Rayquaza! Mane shouted. Hyper Beam attack!
    Sandra Alice I lost, John said, losing all hope after seeing Rayquaza. Im so sorry

    Rayquaza leaned his head backwards as he breathed in and then he let out a huge Hyper Beam. John shut his eyes slowly as it hit Rattata, causing a huge explosion on impact. After Rattata lay on the ground unconscious, John looked down in defeated manner as he called back his last defeated pokemon.

    There are no more pokemon you can use, Mane said. That means you lose, my stout fellow. You have also lost your only chance of saving your dear wife and child. But dont worry, I do have a proposition for you.

    He snapped his fingers and another man in a suit came out carrying another briefcase. The man held out the briefcase to Mane and opened it. Mane took out a contract and a pen.

    If you want to be with your family, all you need to do is sign here, he said in joyful tone.
    Whats the catch? John asked.
    Nothing much, you just have to hand over your company to me. And you and your family will be employed as my servants. If not, youll have to spend the rest of your life wallowing in sadness as you sit by your desk

    As much as John hated to do this, he wanted to be with his family even more, so he had no choice. He took the pen out of Manes hand and his hand shook, as he was about to sign. Suddenly, a hand knocked off the pen off Johns hand. I pick door number three! Black Jack shouted. It was him who knocked down the pen.

    Mane, Black Jack snarled. Just because you used those rare pokemon, it doesnt mean you are the strongest. I challenge you to a battle and if I win, youll release John and his family and never hurt them again!
    This is certainly interesting, Mane replied.

    Before he could say another word, Ash interrupted. Hold it!

    He jumped down from the audience stands and walked over to them. You cant use mind control on the pokemon! he yelled. You cant treat them this way! Either you release those pokemon or you can have a real taste of a trainer!

    Even more interesting, Mane replied. Okay then, how about this? Tomorrow is the grand final, isnt it? I suggest that the better trainer can challenge me. If Black Jack wins and defeat me, Johns family will be released. If Ketchum wins, then he can challenge me to gain the pokemons freedom.

    Ash and Black Jacks eyes turned from anger to shock. Wait a minute! Ash demanded. How about it if one of us beats you, youll release the pokemon AND Johns family?
    Nice try, Mane replied. But Id be losing everything at once.
    You were born to lose, Black Jack muttered.

    Mane turned to John. My dear fellow, Johnny, he said. Why dont you spend more time with your brother.
    What? John replied in shock. How did you know?
    It doesnt matter, he replied as he turned around to leave the stadium.

    Mane, wait a minute! John cried. What about my wife and child?
    Oh, theyll be fine, I assure you, Mane replied as he continued to walk away. hahahaha HAHAHAHA!

    No! Wait! John cried as he tried to go after Mane. Mane s men stepped in front of him and were about to beat him up.

    Lay one finger on him, Black Jack warned, clenching his fist. And youre dead.

    The men took a few steps back, scared of Black Jack. Hold it right there! Ash demanded. But Black Jack stopped him.

    No kid, he replied. You shouldnt. If we go after Mane and his men, who knows what he will do to Johns family. For now, we have no choice but to play his game.

    John fell to his knees with tears flowing coming down his eyes. Black Jack walked over to him.

    Elsewhere in the stadium, Jesse, James and Meowth had seen and heard everything. Now what, Jess? Meowth asked.
    Well, whether its Black Jack or the little brat that wins the battle, we can follow them to where Manes hiding the pokemon and himself. Finding the pokemons exact location will be the most difficult.
    Nice one, Jesse, James said as the three sneaky trio sneaked away from the stadium while sjirachiing.

    Why? John sobbed as he looked down on the ground. Why is this happening to me?
    Im sorry, brother, Black Jack as he kneeled down and took out a photo, containing two kids and two adults, which turned out to be John and Black Jacks family when they were children. We have lost one family, but I wont let you lose another.

    John looked up to Black Jack. Thank you Ill never forget this.

    John hugged his missed brother and sobbed like no one has sobbed before. Black Jacks head turned to look at Ash.

    I guess we cant hold it any longer, Ash thought.
    Just a couple more fights, Black Jack thought. Just a couple more.

    Next episode: Its Black Jack Vs Ash Ketchum! And the championship isnt the only thing on the line!
    More coming! Next please!
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