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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
I'm pretty sure I can still build Levees as long as the city has any tiles with a river in them.
Unfortunately that only works if you are playing the Dutch and your city is on the coast (not sure if lakes work as well)

Not sure what to do about France. On the one hand, Paris is pretty far away from Moscow, on the other hand the little corporal is among the worst persons to have as neighbors in this game. Having a hill city being the only city on a short border and stacking units in there would be ideal I think.

Also going to try the map myself now, it's not like I've got anything better to do

Fun game so far. What do the AIs love to say again...?

BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT OF MY HORSE ARCHER - in this case I'm meaning the plural form, of course.

Killed Gandhi, then went for Napoleon and Joao almost simultaneously. The former is down to one city I am going to take in about three turns once my main forces have healed up in Paris, from the latter I took only one city and then sued for peace (got a tech and some gold) because he started building spears and an ugly stalemate began. Going to redeclare when peace ends, my current forces in Coimbra are WAY stronger than what I had in the first Portuguese war.
I do have an unhappiness problem, I think bad micro is to blame. I'm ahead in tech despite all the warmongering and the fact that I haven't used a Scientist for a single turn yet and Genghis is at war with Joao, so... Looking good.
The Settler in StP is going to settle the tundra north of Rostov, to block off Saladin from all the land in the west that will be entirely mine once Lyons falls.
Huge size and no barbarians is a really interesting variation I must say, huge makes warring harder, but no barbarians allows you to neglect your defenses, meaning entirely focusing on something like a Horse Archer war becomes possible.