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    [CENTER]Pokémon Shiny Diamond
    Original idea by KingSnivy

    Hi! i am KingSnivy. that's my 2nd game. Pokemon Shiny Diamond, My last attempt was Pokemon Bolting Yellow. But That's much better, i don't use Bolting Yellow anymore cause of tilesets.
    Information about why this page is here:
    I used to put Shiny Diamond's thread at the Showcase but Cilebra didn't approve the thread.

    Story 1:
    One day at the Sinnoh Region, the people felt scared cause of something strange, more than strange. I tell you what ? Okay! Team Galactic/Galaxy controlled Dialga, and Team Rocket controlled Palkia, and still destroying (not the whole sinnoh) They destroyed some cities and some towns. And actually Sandgem, so the people (Lucas/Dawn and Prof. Rowan) have moved into the Ueno region, that is full of joy, safely. So Team Rocket and Team Galactic/Galaxy heard that Lucas/Dawn moved to the Ueno region, so they moved there too. And trying to destroy them and Rule the region, and the only key to stop it is to destroy Dialga/Palkia/Giratina.

    Story 2:
    Your mother heard the news, so she called you, and she decided to move to a new region to be safe. and the people heard the news, too. The News: Sinnoh region is being destroyed soon, so move to an another region. and some people didn't hear the news, and Team Rocket destroyed the camera to make everybody die. Team Galaxy/Galactic planned to rule the whole region of Sinnoh. Stop Team Rocket and Galaxy/Galactic of destroying/ruling Sinnoh.




    Lucas ( Male Hero )

    Dawn ( Female Heroine )

    Mark (Rival/Cousin)


    KingSnivy ~ Spriter (highly needed)
    None ~ Scripter (highly needed)
    KingSnivy ~ Mapper
    KingSnivy ~ Beta Tester
    KingSnivy ~ Owner

    Method of contact

    Dual/Touch Screen!
    VS sequence!
    Mystery Gift! (until i get the code/script)
    Day/Night System!
    And MOAR!

    Beta 1.01: Coming Soon. if link is not posted in thread, it will be at post.


    Poccil ~ Pokemon Essentials
    venom12 ~ Pokemon Essentials DS
    Alacus, Dewitty, Kymontian, Calis Project, Bulbipedia ~ Tiles
    Neo-Spriteman ~ Resized Tiles
    ~~~~~Pkmn essentials DS credits~~~~~
    Luka ~ VS Seq. and mouse model and etc...
    Cybersam and Astro ~ Mouse model
    CNG ~ Battle moves select menu
    Help14 ~ Pokedex
    Wichu ~ Sprites
    FL. ~ Eggs Change and Unova Pokemon
    winter is here.
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