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Whoa! I leave the place for a weekend and you guys are as creative as ever! :D <3

Cookiez's RP thread is denied for now; the plot might work, but the background is a bit too vague to make sense. Why does the professor as you to "take a pokémon and go on a journey"? If she knew there was something dangerous out there, why does she send you out on the journey?

Plus, if some players choose the free mode and some choose the chapter mode, how will they go about interacting? I'd like to see some more explanations or guidelines on this :3

The Trotsky's RP thread is accepted.

Sir Snivy's RP thread is denied for now. The guidelines and sign up sheets look good, but the plot is just a tiny paragraph. You should flesh out the plot, create a feeling around this tournament and the rising of the evil team so that the players get a feeling for what kind of world they'll be throwing themselves into, don't you think? :) Plus, the gym leaders and different trainers/team members might want to know where they are or at least what situation they are in when the game starts.

pikakip's RP thread is accepted, just remember to press the "space" button a few more times between words, xD

Fire Walker's OOC thread is now accepted.

mzmingle's OOC thread is accepted. (Gym Leaders Adventure)

Blaziken15's OOC thread is accepted.

pikakip's OOC thread is accepted.

mzmingle's other thread is denied for now. The plot is too vague, as is the setting. Of course nobody knows much about Olysis if it's an unexplored region, but my guts tell me there should be more text in the plot before I should accept this RP. What does the sailor do in the region now? And are there gyms there when the region is unexplored...?

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