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@Quilava's Master
ok, it's fixed. More at the end of this post.

Maybe a R/S/Em-RTC will be supported in another version, but i didn't have planed something like this.

I didn't know Jambo's custom day-of-the-week setting routine but i can try to make such a Routine which shows the day of the week.

In the left corner (at the bottom) will be a little buttom. If your ROM is supported you can erase the system (no warranty).

@Crimson Stardust
The RTC writes only some bytes in the RAM. If you didn't have any scripts which use the RTC, you can't see anything.

@Halfshadow, r0bert, Crimson Stardust
The season-system changes the tilesets. Therefor it uses an header. This header can be edited with the Season-Header-Editor.
If you install the System it will only install a blank header.

@Meta Paradox
you can use the XSE and comparefarbytetobyte or ASM and something like this
.equ Statusbyte, <here your Offset>
ldr r0, =Statusbyte
ldrb r0, [r0]
If i make a "custom pal at time period"-script or something like this, it isn't a real DAN anymore. (imo)
If you want such a thing, i can edit my season-system an let it change the tileset every few hours.

Maybe the RTC is diseabled in your emulator...
If you use VBA try Options->Emulator->Real Time Clock

A new Version is released! It'll fix the battlebug, so you can now diseable the DAN-system in battles.

If you have already an old version you can use the updatefunction. Otherwise you can download the tool with your browser. (h**p://
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