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    Name: (Trainer) Kylar Hamilton

    Age: 17


    Kylar is a man of passion and vigor. The things he cares about, he cares about deeply and holds a vested interest in. However, contrary to what many would believe when looking at him, his interests do not lie in sports, fighting, or military work, but instead academia. He is a man of exceedingly bookish tastes, and is not in the least ashamed to express his joy and adulation for the great authors that act as friends, carpeting his shelf space with their prose.

    Despite his literary fervor, he is not an introvert in the slightest. Rather, Kylar is a man who enjoys professing his opinions on current events and various theories of the contemporaneous authors of the moment. His vocal nature extends beyond literature and essays into the realm of politics, where he is truly at home. Nowhere is Kylar more at home than in the socialist musings of Leon Trotsky, or the nation-saving philosophies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (unless they don’t exist in your RP in which case, he likes Pokemon Creators X and Y xP). In fact, his political passions have landed him in hot water in the past, as he often does not know when to shut up and carry on preaching more than the Pope himself.

    Whenever his nose is extricated from a biography or essay however, Kylar does enjoy to attend parties. He’s hardly a juvenile delinquent, but he doesn’t mind screwing around with his friends on Saturday night and drinking a cold one, or two, or ten. It is at these times when he is the most relaxed in front of people, boisterous and quick with a laugh, but slow to judge. Unfortunately, when he is removed from these situations of comfort or stuck at home without his friends, Kylar can begin to brood and become a bitter, angry person. He has a poor relationship with his single father, and it has in some ways turned him away from comfortable social interaction at home. His house is a toxic environment to Kylar and one he cannot wait to leave, whether it be for a journey or just an escape.


    Standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 215 lbs., Kylar can tend to stand out in a crowd. His light-brown hair, shaped by the same barber his entire life, clings tight to his head once the clippers do their work. The young man’s face tends to hold the same modesty in appearance, looking nothing more than plain, at least in Kylar’s opinion. Thick, but well-maintained, eyebrows arch over his relatively large eyes. These eyes sparkle a deep green color, the same emerald shade of his father’s eyes. A robust, yet appropriately proportioned nose adorns Kylar’s face, set over full lips and a strong jawline. These facial features can sometimes be the only parts indicative of Kylar’s emotion, whether it be a jaw jutting out in anger or eyes drooping in despair, his face can be read like a book. A book that those close to him read often and easily.

    Wide shoulders and a broad chest define Kylar’s frame, giving him the athlete’s body that he wants no part in. Yet, much to the teenager’s chagrin, his father’s incessant demands of exercise and fitness have led him to possess a muscular frame. His muscles are well-defined, yet they do not burst out of his clothes like those of people more passionate about their body image. Kylar looks more the part of a soccer player or swimmer, lean muscle and a slim waist, than a body builder strapped with bulging biceps.

    Kylar’s wardrobe is a simple one, consisting of t-shirts and jeans in the colder months and jeans and cargo shorts in the warmer periods of the year. The only thing that interrupts this cycle is exercise, (which has simply become force of habit at this point) when he dons a tank top and basketball shorts or If the weather is extreme, when he’ll throw on a hoodie or coat. In classes, Kylar will wear a pair of simple, rectangular glasses, but when out with friends or at a party, he’ll shed the spectacles for contacts.

    Starter Pokémon: Male Growlithe


    Born in Opelucid City of Unova, the final stop for powerful trainers before Victory Road, Kylar has grown up witnessing countless powerful Pokemon trainers, both home-grown Dragon-type masters and aspiring league champions, finish their quest for badges. Kylar’s father, Michael, used to be one of these high-flying trainers, burning the ground with intensity as he strove for his final badge. However, Michael seemed to hit a wall in Opelucid Gym; he could never vanquish Drayden, his final opponent before challenging the true greats. Years passed, and still nothing Michael did allowed him to succeed. As this shame festered and grew, Kylar’s father sought ways of escape. At first, he turned to love, marrying a pretty young coordinator named Shannon who caught his eye. But when she died and left him with only Kylar, Michael became much bitterer and hit the bottle hard, while his son was raised by grandparents. Finally, he turned to the military, hoping to either wash away his sorrow and pain, or gain absolution through fire. 5 years of military service left him a changed man; his wound still festered within, but on the outside, he was competent, organized, and commanding. Kylar was soon returned to the custody of his father.

    As the years went by, Michael stayed bitter, pushing Kylar to succeed where he couldn’t. He tried to make him stronger, forcing exercise every morning and evening; he tried to make him smarter, forcing literature down his throat on uninteresting mathematics and science; and he tried to make him a more competent battler, throwing Kylar onto the field to learn or lose. And losing was not an option. Kylar grew to hate his father, resenting everything he represented. The hard, bitter man pushed his last legacy on Earth, his son, away from him.

    Kylar has since decided to become a trainer even better than his father, and conquer the new Nilivon region to spite his father, achieving what he never could. Kylar has had some minor experience working with his father’s Pokemon and training with other adults around the town.

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